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Firm Profile

Robert has over 25 years experience helping individuals and small businesses to prosper. He has an MBA from Temple University. Starting out on the audit side at Alexander Grant (now Grant Thornton) he then worked on the tax side at Price Waterhouse(now Price Waterhouse Coopers). He accepted a position as a Tax Manager for a national Real Estate Development Company, Linpro (now LCorp).

When Robert relocated to Marin from Philadelphia in 1989 he knew 4 people in the Bay Area. Over the years he has built up his practice to include a diverse group of active, creative people working in a variety of areas. Though mainly in the Bay Area some clients are in Europe, South America and Australia. Email, the telephone and a wonderful thing called snail mail keep them all in contact.

Robert is licensed with the California State Board of Accountancy.

An optimist, Robert likes to remind his clients to be grateful for their success and to let those that are having some challenges in their lives remember that "Better days are ahead!"

Helping Individuals and Small Businesses to Prosper