Client Services

We focus on serving individuals and small businesses. Our clients benefit from personalized, quality service. Here is a list of some of the areas in which we can help you. If you are interested in something that is not on the list let us know. you need help with a service we do not provide, we are happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Your business will run more efficiently if you have good information.
We can help you to find the easiest way for you to get the information you need to make informed decisions.

*Accounting System Setup for new or seasoned businesses.

*Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)

*Compilation of Financial Statements

*Computerized payroll services

*Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)

*Personal financial statements

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Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

How much money do you need to run your business? Where will it come from?
We can help you to project your financial needs and find the means to fund them.

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Consulting Services

Business Consulting

We can help your business profitablitily and growth by acting as a sounding board for management.
Let us help you to look at the financial aspects of your plans.

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Business Entity Selection

Should you operate as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC or a corporation?
We help you to review your goals for your business and help you to choose which entity will best suit your plans.

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Consulting Services

Are you planning a significant change or financial transaction?
We can help you to think it through and make it happen.

*Tax impact of investment decisions

*Buying/selling a business

*Real Estate Transactions

*Financial & retirement decisions

*Estate, trust & gift planning

*Pre-Marital Planning


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Financial Planning

What are your personal dreams? How will you get there?
That is the goal of financial planning.

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Management Advisory Services

How does your company look to your bankers, vendors and other creditors?
Looking at financial measures can help you to manage your business.

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Other Services

Areas of Practice

Many of our clients are active owner operators of their own businesses.
Others have a variety of interesting professions.

Some of the areas they work in are:

*Real Estate Investment and Management


*Portfolio Management

*Commercial Photography

*Event Production

*Software Development

*Film Production

*The Arts (Photographers,Ceramicists,Sculptors,Writers, Painters)


*Teaching(Law School,University,High School,Elementary and Pre School)

*Services (Landscaping, Chimney Sweeps)

*Social Services(Therapists, Social Workers)



*Retail Sales

*Product Development

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Tax Services

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax planning and preparation is a core service we provide to our clients. We strive to make sure you are taking advantage of all that is avalable to minimize your taxes.

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Tax Services

We keep current on new tax laws and legislation, so we can help you to identify key
tax planning opportunities to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.
We are available throughout the year to help you plan ahead instead of being surprised at the end of the year.
We can help you with:

*Tax planning & return preparation

- Individuals

- Corporations

- Partnerships


- Estates, trusts & gift

- Not-for-profit organizations

*Taxing authority representation

*Divorce and support issues

*Tax effects of buying/selling a business

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Helping Individuals and Small Businesses to Prosper